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New WECan Website

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

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Please join us at

As some of you have already discovered, WECan has a new website. Our new site was designed to be more user friendly and interactive. We hope you like the new look and content.

Please note we have a new Domain name which is more secure and also Canadian. Please save in your favourites as the old one will quit forwarding soon.

This new site has a Members Area accessible to current members. In it is a FORUM for members to use which is sortable so you can find posts. Also the current membership list, the current Recorded Horses list, the Horse Recording Form and the Awards program (coming soon) can be found here.

In order to access this area, members must log in. HOWEVER, the first time you try it you must SIGN UP. When you click on either the Log In at the top right or click on the Members Area, you will go to a page to Log In. DO NOT ATTEMPT to log in. You must SIGN UP which is right below the Log In title. The web-manager then gets a message to accept or reject your request. All current members will get accepted. You will then receive an email to verify your email address and you are done! From now on, just Log In…..OR .... stay logged in and it will be there for you.

Please participate in the Forum if you wish, send us any events you’d like posted (upcoming events page), order WECan apparel, review the 2021 rules etc. The site also has a search box to help you find what you are looking for.

NEW CONTACT EMAILS: please add them to your contact list so they don’t go to your spam box.

We hope you enjoy our new site. Additional new content will be added over the next few weeks.

Please be patient as we work out any small kinks.

All current members are on the mailing list from this new site. If you do not wish to receive these E-mail notices or the monthly newsletter, you can unsubscribe at anytime.

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